“I am an invitation”

It all started in 1984 in the bookshop of my little town where I grew up through rather tough and isolated years. I was 17 then, not yet the hard core spiritual seeker that I would soon become, but I knew there was more to life and was open to everything that would mirror that mysterious longing.

It was one of those days where I had spent hours looking through so many books, in search of the one that would touch me to the core and change my life. I was about to walk out when I stumbled upon a picture of Osho that caught my eyes. It was a big book on spiritual masters of our times, and I only read the back flap; it ended with words of Osho “I am an invitation”. I looked again at the picture of this long bearded man on the front cover, starred into those big piercing eyes and that unique giggle, and left the shop. How looking into someone’s eyes on a book cover and reading 4 simple words could change the course of my life so radically is something beyond my understanding; but it so happened for me.

“I am an invitation” has since that day remained a very strange and mysterious call in my heart, a whisper rather, a sweet and irresistible provocation. It has brought me on the most incredible inner journey, to India and then Pune where I spent 21 years in Osho’s garden absorbing the full rainbow of His vision.

For me, “I am an invitation” has always been associated with the picture of Osho that I saw that afternoon in the book shop. Looking into those eyes and everything relaxes; looking into those eyes and remembrance shines forth; looking into those eyes and life finally makes sense in the most senseless ways. All I always knew to be real is right here and right now; all I always knew to be false immediately vanishes as thin air.

“I am an invitation” is an unusual Koan, it is an open door. It is a gentle tingling in my heart, a vast space in front of me; it is Love and Freedom free dancing under skies of possibilities.

Each time I hear those four words my sense of separation instantly disappears, Oneness becomes obvious again, and my connection with the divine is all there is.

A few years after that “incident” in the bookshop, I decided to receive His invitation with all I had and commit to living a life where my highest potential could have a chance. I took Sannyas and Osho gave me Dhyan Nirav as a new name. Meditation was from now on going to be the basis of my daily life and slowly guide me home. I had no idea what home meant then, no idea even that I ultimately would find myself where I had always been. I enjoyed the journey, squeezed all the juice of everything, and let the invitation do the work. Osho’s eyes and smile were a constant reminder that I was right on track even when it didn’t feel like it.

His invitation has been the greatest gift I ever received, and accepting it is the smartest thing I ever did.

One thought on ““I am an invitation””

  1. What a wonderful sharing Nirav,
    It reflects the love and passion for Osho and the eternal gratitude so many of us feel so deeply.


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