Painting Holidays 2022

with Philippe Nirav

~schedule 2022~

“Journey into colors” 25-29 May 2022 (in Provence France, with Philippe Nirav )

The workshop will take place in Home Shanti Home, an outstandingly beautiful venue in the heart of Provence, France


This workshop is an opportunity to dive deep into painting and explore our own unique creative potential. We will journey into colors exploring our inner “landscape” and paint like a fearless child whose only concern is to play.Painting is a most beautiful mirror- it will reveal what is not visible and support our personal growth and awareness.

It will be fun and deep. We will paint alone and together. There will be times for sharing our creativity with friends on the path (sometimes painting together on one paper, sharing and exchanging), and there will be times for painting alone in silence.

This course is open to all and no previous experience in painting is needed.

All materials are provided.

For INFO and BOOKING please contact:  +33687027285

Timing: 9:00 – 17:00 (except the first day 15:00 -18:00, and the last day 9:00-12:00)

A meditation program can be joined before and after classes hours

Planning your stay :

*Accommodation and meals not included in the group fees*

Arrival: Wed 25th May before 14.30

Departure: Sunday 29th May after lunch

Accommodation (per night) :

• €20 per person in a tent • €30 per person in a shared room of 4 persons • €35 per person in double room • €50 in a single room

Meals :

• Day package of 3 veg/vegan/gluten-free meals is €39

You can also choose your meals (to be selected no more than 5 days before the beginning of the training): • Breakfast: €7 • Lunch: €16 • Diner: €16

Dance your color, Paint your life!

19-24 June, in Arillas Corfu

(with Naveen Li and Philippe Nirav)

An experiential workshop intensive combining dance and painting

In a stunning location fully immersed in nature, just a few minutes from the beach in Arillas, Corfu.

We will have 5-morning sessions and 3 evening sessions. Some sessions will be painting, some will be dancing and some will be the merging of both.

Painting will happen outdoors in the midst of rich and magical nature, under ancient olive and oak trees. Dancing will happen indoors in a charming stone house with a wooden floor, or outdoors under the stars and the trees.

The time between morning sessions and evening sessions is free (the beach is just a few minutes away!)

Camping on site possible on request.

Group starts: 9:00 Sunday, 19th June 2022

Group ends: 14:00 Friday, 24th June 2022

It will be a beautiful, playful and deep journey. You will meet your creative force in a new way.

  • Naveen Li is a unique and highly experienced dance teacher. She has been teaching Biodanza since 2011

More about Naveen :

Nirav is a multi-talented artist who specializes in teaching painting through spontaneous action, playfulness and an awareness of the present moment.

“Open Painting Studio”, June 27th-July 1st

in Arillas Corfu, with Philippe Nirav

In a stunning location fully immersed in nature, just a few minutes from the beach in Arillas, Corfu.

It will be a magical opportunity to dive deep into painting.

There will be a supervised group session every morning from 9.30 until 13.00. It will be a time to discover new ways of painting, to play with colors -alone and with people- and to explore your own creative potential.

The afternoons will be free to enjoy the beach or keep painting. The vast and untouched nature at the venue will be available 24/7 during the 5 days. We will be able to picnic under the olive and oak trees, and the painting studio (and all materials) will be open until evening. Camping on site also possible.

For INFO and BOOKING please contact: or +33687027285

More information please contact:

Facilitator: Philippe Nirav

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