Intuitive Painting 2022

Summer Program:

Open Painting Studio: June 26-July 1st

Workshops: Jul 15-17, Jul 29-31, Aug 12-15, Aug 26-28, Sep 9-11, Sep 23-25

One day events: Jul 15, Jul 29, Aug 12, Aug 26, Sep 9, Sep 23

-The Open Studio is a magical opportunity to dive deep into painting. It will be a time to discover new ways of painting, to play with colors -alone and with people- and to explore your own creative potential.

-The workshops (3 and 4 days) are opportunities to tap into your own unique creative potential. Every morning we will journey into colors exploring our inner “landscape” and paint like a fearless child whose only concern is to play.

Painting is a most beautiful mirror- it will reveal what is not visible and support our personal growth and awareness.

It will be fun and deep. We will paint alone and together. There will be times for sharing our creativity with friends, sometimes painting together on one paper or engaging in simple but powerful exercises. There will be times for inquiry while painting alone in silence.

One day events are designed for those who want to “taste” this unique way of painting alone in a group.

Each course takes place between 9.30 and 13.00. It is open to all and no previous experience in painting is needed. All materials are provided.

The afternoons will be free to enjoy the beach, to integrate, to rest, and to connect with this magical island and its unique community of seekers.

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