Intuitive Painting

Corfu Schedule 2023:

Workshops: Jun 11-13, Jul 7-10, Jul 20-23, Aug 12-16, Aug 25-27, Sep 3-8, Sep 24-26

One day events: Every Saturday, from 9.30 until 13.00. In Arillas Corfu. Limited spaces, please reserve your spot in advance. Starting Saturday May 6th 2023.

Painting Studio Intensive: 3-8 Sep 2023, Corfu

Painting is a most beautiful mirror- it will reveal what is not visible and support our personal growth and awareness. It will be fun and deep. We will paint alone and together. There will be times for sharing our creativity with friends, sometimes painting together on one paper or engaging in simple but powerful exercises. There will be times for inquiry while painting alone in silence.

One day events are designed for those who want to “taste” this unique way of painting alone in a group. It is a playful yet profound experience that will trigger your creative potential in a radically new way.

The workshops are opportunities to tap into your own unique creative potential and go through a process over a few days. Every morning we will journey into colors exploring our inner “landscape” and paint like a fearless child whose only concern is to play.

My approach to painting is all about the process, about the inner, about exploration, about passion and freedom. At some point you need to choose if you want to paint for the end product, or if you want to let the present moment take you deeper inside yourself.

I call my workshops “Intuitive Painting”, because if you want to explore the unknown, Intuition IS your best guide. When Intuition passes through you, it has no preference. Each moment it has only one option: what needs to be done. Like a rose flower or an oak tree, it has only one way to grow.

To meet your passion, you must jump naked into the deep waters of the unfamiliar. It is an act of love and trust. You paint what is provided to you, as it comes, never avoiding, postponing, or bargaining. You stay connected inside, entering the mystery, moving towards the real, learning to be where you are.

Intuition is indeed The Highest Form of Intelligence.

If you want a technically nice painting, then work for it, learn skills, go to art school, and you might get it. But don’t deceive yourself: it will not bring you closer to the aliveness you long for. Passion is somewhere else- and it has nothing to do with the outcome.

Each course takes place between 9.30 and 13.00. It is open to all and no previous experience in painting is needed. All materials are provided.

The afternoons are free to enjoy the beach, to integrate, to rest, and to connect with this magical island and its unique community of seekers.


Philippe Nirav is a multi-talented artist with over 30 years’ experience. He specializes in teaching painting through spontaneous action, playfulness and an awareness of the present moment. Today he lives on the island of Corfu and offers painting workshops in Greece and worldwide.

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