Painting Testimonials

“Before my session with Nirav, I was always judging my art skills and had this strange idea to create nothing less than a masterpiece, followed by the frustration that I couldn’t even start getting a single line down on paper. It was so healing to experience the pure joy of painting without reaching somewhere, just enjoying the process of using colors and watching something being created through me. To me this is quite a revelation- thank you for showing me the way, Nirav!”

Tara Nadine Kuhn, Architect, Potsdam Germany, September 2021

“A few months ago I was feeling depressed and felt I have nothing to give me joy. I felt sorrow that I am not an artist, never painted or played an instrument or nothing like that. By chance I met Nirav and we had 3 sessions. I trusted him and gave it a try. The first session was really difficult, I felt stuck and resistant. But then, playing with colors while looking inside, something opened and Nirav was really patient with me. He goes really deep into the real issue and he is also very fun. A good combination. When I came back home I bought paints and brushes for the first time in my life and I have been painting every weekend since. My life is transformed, thank you Nirav.”

Christian Spuhn, retired business consultant, Zurich Switzerland, May 2021

“I met Nirav this summer in Arillas where I joined one of his 3 days painting courses. Nirav has a depth and a love for people that really blew my mind away. He patiently guides you into your core, giving lots of space, asking the right question at the right moment…the rest seems to happens by magic.”

Angelo Katritska, Artist, August 2021

“My Sister had booked a 3-day painting workshop with Nirav and I joined for the first day. I only wanted to have a look.  It was very fun and playful, lots of time and space to paint by myself, but also amazing exercises in partners or in groups that really went deep. Most special is the space that Nirav creates. Being around him seems to turn on my life force and creativity. I stayed for the whole workshop and came back a month later from Germany specially to paint with him. A rare gift. I will be back”.

Hannah Spirowski, Frankfurt, October 2021


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